Technical Consulting

Discovery Scientific provides technical consulting in a number of areas.

A team of highly qualified specialists, engineers, programmers and scientists working in Discovery Scientific has extensive experience in many areas of software and hardware developments, experimental science and engineering.

Discovery Scientific provides quality contract programming in the areas of:

  • Video compression technologies
  • Parallel programming
  • Image processing
  • Image recognition, computer vision
  • Media (video/audio) applications
  • Computer graphics
  • Network programming
  • Web programming
  • System and low level hardware programming
  • General GUI development
  • Computer cryptography, cryptography algorithms
  • SQL data bases, client / server
  • Multiple core CPU programming
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processor) programming, single core / multiple cores
  • Multiple processor / multiple core / computer cluster systems
  • Data acquisition systems, software / hardware
  • Computer cryptography, cryptography algorithms
  • Video surveillance and security applications
  • Videography, video and photo editing applications
  • Sport videography
  • Medical media applications
  • Video advertising and marketing solutions
  • Computer simulation of physical, chemical, technical, biological and biomedical systems
  • C++, C, assembler(s)
  • Pascal, Delphi, Visual Basic
  • HTML, XML, C#, Java, Python, PHP, Perl, ASP.NET
  • STL, MFC, ATL, DirectX, OpenGL, Boost
Functionality available in the Breeze Software may be used as a technological base for building specialized and custom applications involving media processing.

If you are interested in the contract programming, in the customization of our products according to your requirements or in the integrating them into your systems, please contact us for additional information.