About Discovery Scientific, LLC

About Us

Founded in 2005, Discovery Scientific, LLC, is a “Research and Development” and “Scientific Consulting” company. Its primary focus of activity is in the areas of object oriented video compression, image recognition, computer vision, artificial intelligence, big data processing and parallel computing.

Our Mission

The goal of company is finding scientific and technical solutions in the critical inter disciplinary areas based on the fundamental science and applied engineering, and aimed at the creating “Fundamental Technologies” with wide areas of application in science, industry, and life.

Our Vision

To apply advances of science and technology in the development of products making peoples' lives better.

Our Products
  • Breeze , Multiple Stream Media Processor
  • DACLabs , Multiple Stream Data Acquisition Center
  • MPP, Mega Parallel Hierarchical Multiple Stream Processor
  • Custom Solutions
  • Scientific and Technical Consulting
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